Active Harmonic Filter for 600/690 Volt

IPC150-AHF Series

Active Harmonic Filter 600/690 V

IPC150-AHF Series

Indigenously built in India, InPhase Active Harmonic Filter provides an IGBT based solution to challenging power quality issues like Harmonics, Reactive Power management, Unbalance compensation etc. InPhase is the only Indian company providing an AHF for a direct 690V application without the need of an extra transformer. Our filters are currently installed in wide range of industries covering steel, cement, foundary, textile, processing and pharm helping them reap the benefits of Energy at a lower price. Our 690V panel finds best application in steel and foundry industries using furnaces for smelting processes where harmonic levels are very high

InPhase offers the widest range of filters to resolve your power problems. We have the Industries highest offering of filters which show cases our ability, robustness and efficiency. Our filter is available from 100amps to 900amps and can be interlinked up to 32 panels to increase the capacity.


InPhase IPC150-AHF are available in 4 different ratings

  • IPC150-AHF-80A-V690
  • IPC150-AHF-160A-V690
  • IPC150-AHF-250A-V690
  • IPC150-AHF-500A-V690
  • Features

  • Direct 690 Voltage operation
  • Manages High voltage notches and violent voltage conditions
  • Harmonics Filtering
  • Reactive/Power Factor Control
  • Unbalance Compensation
  • Quick Response time
  • Extensive protections
  • Modular Configuration - Up to 32 Units in Parallel
  • Inbuilt data logger
  • CCS* - Cloud Computing System
  • Specifications


    Parameter Description
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz with 5% tolerance
    Connection System 3 Phase (3 Wire)*
    Current Harmonics Range 2nd to 25th Harmonic Order
    Selectable Harmonics 10 harmonics individually selectable
    Filtering efficiency Better than 97% of filter rating typically
    Reaction Time less than 0.5ms instantaneous
    Response Time less than 30ms typically (10% to 90% Filtering)
    Reactive Power Compensation Static/Dynamic
    Power Factor Programmable 0.6 Inductive to 0.6 Capacitive
    Load Balancing Line to Line Balancing (3-Wire mode)
    Controller DSP Based Controller
    Active Power Less than 3% of Unit Rating
    Modularity Up to 32 Power Units/Filters. Power Units can be master/slave
    Ingress Protection+ IP31
    Control Capabilities Filter ON/OFF, Filter Status Description
    Setup Selection of individual harmonic to filter
    Settable Options Power factor/Reactive Power/Unbalanced Compensations/CT Ratio/Parallel Units
    Electrical Parameters Monitoring Voltages and Currents measurements, Active, Reactive and Apparent Power, Power Factor Measurements
    Temperature 0 Degree Celcius to 40 Degree Celcius
    Humidity Up to 95 Degree (Non-Condensing)
    Altitude 1000M
    Common top/bottom cable entry cubicle
    IP41 execution (Filter derating of 10% has to be applied)
    Base Frame (100mm height) for single unit
    Surge Arresters
    *For 4 wire connection please consult
    +For other IP's please consult

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