Automatic Power Factor Control

APFC Panels

APFC provides compensation for reactive power based on the variations in load conditions to maintain the target power factor. In APFC switching the capacitor is significant as it helps to retain the power factor, the switching is controlled by a Power Factor Controller device that uses the CT feedback to determine the kvar required at any instant. The Power Factor Controller also provides information on the network characteristics such as Active, reactive power, Voltage, power factor for the user to understand. The system generally comprises of Power Capacitors, Controller, firing circuits.The switching system for this depends on the type of compensation


InPhase APCF panels are completely customizable based on customer requirements and are available in ratings from 100Kvar onwards

The model and rating is decided based on the following factors,

  • Step size
  • Kvar requirement
  • Transformer capacity
  • Feeder availability
  • Harmonic Amplification
  • Features

  • Advanced microprocessor for Power factor Control
  • Complete analysis of customer system before design recommendations
  • Switchgear used such as contactors, MCCB conform to International and Indian Standards
  • Compartmentalized/Non compartmentalized design options
  • Power cables suitable for high temperature
  • Panel design simple for user handling
  • Specifications are drawn from the analysis of the customer Electrical network by a power quality study and the requirement and specifications are identified. This specificaitons are then transformed in to the APFC design and manufactured post customer approval.

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