Roof Top Inverters


InPhase roof top inverters the IPC150-SOLR series are offered in 4 different models from 80kW - 240kW. Our inverters are designed to operate exceptionally well in the extreme Indian grid and climate conditions because our Inverters are not just Made in India they are "Made for India". Our roof top inverters are best suitable for all range of Roof top applications.


InPhase industrial scale of inverters are available in 4 different ratings

  • SOLR-50
  • SOLR-65
  • SOLR-80
  • SOLR-100
  • Features

  • IP54 - Outdoor Unit
  • LVRT
  • Reactive/Power Factor Control
  • Full Rated Power up to 50 degree celsius
  • High Efficiency
  • Auto DC Isolation
  • Extensive protections
  • Modular Configuration - Up to 32 Units in Parallel
  • Inbuilt data logger
  • CCS* - Cloud Computing System(Optional)
  • Specifications