Utilty Scale Inverters


InPhase utility scale of inverters the IPC150-SOLR series are offered in 4 different models across 2 different physical sizes from 300kW - 1000kW. The 1000kW is available in two voltage levels 1000V and 1500V. Our inverters are designed to operate exceptionally well in the extreme Indian grid and climate conditions because our Inverters are not just Made in India they are "Made for India". Our utility scale inverters are best suitable for large Solar generation Farms. InPhase central inverters with an indigenous design starting from power elctronics control to the converter design is "Made for India". This complete inhouse capability enables us to offer the fullest support in every stage of design and execution. InPhase central inverters offer the most compact foot print in the industrly while establishing the highest quality and compliance standards.


InPhase utility scale of inverters are available in 4 different ratings

  • SOLR-300-V1000
  • SOLR-500-V1000
  • SOLR-1000-V1000
  • SOLR-1000-V1500
  • Features

  • LVRT
  • Reactive/Power Factor Control
  • Full Rated Power up to 50 degree celsius
  • High Efficiency
  • Auto DC Isolation
  • Extensive protections
  • Modular Configuration - Up to 32 Units in Parallel
  • Inbuilt data logger
  • CCS* - Cloud Computing System
  • Specifications

    Parameter SOLR-300-V1000 SOLR-500-V1000 SOLR-1000-V1000 SOLR-1500-V1000
    Maximum DC Power 36kW 600Kw 1200kW 1200Kw
    Maximum DC voltage 1000V 1500V
    MPPT Operating Range 560-800V 600-850V 870-1300V
    Maximum DC Current 570A 855A 1710A 1225A
    Nominal AC O/P Power 300kW 500Kw 1000kW
    Nominal AC voltage 380V 580V
    Nominal AC Current 456A 723A 1520A 1000A
    DPF* >0.99
    THi* <3%
    Maximum Effciency 98.3%
    DC Side Protection Ground Fault,DC Reverse Current,Over Voltage,Over Current
    AC Side Protection Anti-islanding,Over/Under Voltage,Over/Under Frequency,Over Current
    Grid Assistance Reactive/Power Factor Control,Fault Ride Through
    Ambient Temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
    Dimension(LXWXH)mm 1200X800X1950 2000X1000X2000
    Weight(Approx)Kg 1000 1400 2100
    Ingress Protection IP31
    Relative Humidity 15-95% - Non condensing
    Maximum Altitude 2000m
    User Interface 7 inch color Touch Screen 10inch color Touch Screen
    Emergency Shut-off Button yes
    Communication Modbus (RS485/RS232C),Optional Modbus(TCP/Ip)
    Compliance Requirements Electrical Safety,EMC,Environmental,Efficiency Measurement,Anti-Islanding Requirements as per relevant IEC Standards
    Remote Data Monitoring Optional - InPhase Cloud InPhase Cloud
    Standards IEC62109,IEC61000,IEC61683,IEC60068-2,IEEE1547