Active Harmonic Filter

Say Good bye to penalties & Harmonics Problems

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SOLAR Central Inverters

Inverters to lighten up your Solar investments


Your Power Quality Doctor

Say Hi to Doc and Bye to Power Quality Problems

Committed to Power Conversion and Power Quality

At InPhase we are a committed team of research inclined engineers, working towards the goal of delivering the best possible solutions to improve Power Quality and Power Conversion, because Better Power means Better Nation.

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Active Harmonic Filter

Management of Harmonics, Reactive Power, Unbalance, Negative Sequence for Power Quality Improvement.

Grid Tied Inverters

Central inverters for Solar applicaitons with inbuilt LVRT, Reactive Power, Harmonics. Ranges availabe from 100Kw to 1000Kw

Roof Top Inverters

Inverters for Roof top solar installations with various ranges from 50kW to 150kW

Custom Converters

Special converter for Power conversion applicaitons related to Motors, drives, generators etc.

APFC Panels

APFC panels for Power factor correction appliciatons with inbuilt detuning arrangement to mitigate harmonics.

Detuned Reactors

Reactors designed to required specifications to mitigate harmonics and smooth functioning of drives, motors, Capacitor banks.

Power Quality Audit

Complete study of Power Quality network with a detailed report on various important factors like Power Factor, Unbalance etc..

Harmonic Analysis

Analysis specifically targeted at Harmonics to provide Harmonics mitigation solutions.

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Power Quality Solutions

InPhase has cutting edge capability in offering power quality solutions. Here are few PQ problems that InPhase has successfully offered solutions for.

  • Harmonics
  • Reactive power compensation/Power factor correction
  • Unbalance load
  • Voltage DIP/Sag and Surges

InPhase product is well engineered with high quality components to give the robust and reliable performance even at extreme Indian grid and climatic conditions.

Mr.Selvam S,
Deputy Manager - Plant Engineering, Murugappa Group